This Nurse Helps Others Build Emotional Resiliency Ep. 10

This Nurse Helps Others Build Emotional Resiliency Ep. 10

How to Build Resiliency & Overcome Any Obstacle with Kelly West

In episode ten of Nurse on FIRE, I talk to Kelly West, a former nurse who is transforming mindsets and building resilience in those facing obstacles. For over 20 years, Kelly was a pediatric oncology registered nurse, helping kids and families move through the journey of childhood cancer. 

Throughout her career, Kelly served as a clinician, educator, and leader. Then, her passion for helping families inspired her to become an entrepreneur. 

Kelly started out helping others lose weight and transform their mindset and health. This action sparked her curiosity about the brain and how it helps move us forward or holds us back from accomplishing our goals. 

Now Kelly works with clients in the healthcare field, including nurses, parents, and other caregivers, to help them overcome stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. This article will provide advice on how you can build resiliency and overcome any obstacle. I'll share Kelly's brain-based approach to removing mental roadblocks so you can accomplish your goals. 

Change Your Perspective

As I said before, Kelly spent years helping families with children fighting cancer. Now she focuses on helping cancer moms deal with stress, worry, and anxiety so they can create a happy, healthy, and resilient families. Most people would assume being an RN in pediatric oncology would be the most stressful and sometimes saddening work environment. 

However, Kelly argues quite the opposite. Kelly always felt she had the best job in the world. She loved going to work and helping families. It was the children that taught Kelly the most about resiliency. 

It's no wonder she started a business online so she can reach and help even more people. To top things off, thanks to her experiences, Kelly understands what parents need and helps them find critical resources during one of the most challenging times of their lives. 

Change Your Identity

According to Kelly, post-treatment, many families still suffer from fear, worry, and anxiety. So she helps families get their life back and redefine normalcy for themselves. 

As a nurse myself, I know the truth. Most hospitals offer surface-level help. They don't focus on mindset and how critical that is to the healing and recovery process. 

When families go through a traumatic experience like childhood cancer, the trauma becomes their identity. Mothers become the "cancer mom," and they hold onto that identity well beyond their child's therapy.

But as Kelly notes, you have to let that go! 

Discover who you are outside of your job or family role. Reframe your thoughts and emotions so you can move forward. 

Build Emotional Resiliency

Kelly's advice to change your mindset and reframe your thoughts doesn't just apply to moms of recovering children. She recommends nurses take heed of this tip too. 

Nurses you know we sometimes work 12-14 hour shifts, and we are continually dealing with the stress of our workplace environment, schedule, and patients. 

We must build emotional resiliency to prevent burnout. In the podcast episode, Kelly shares an experience. She was once in a room of 1,000 nurses. Approximately 75%-80% of the audience raised their hands when she asked how many nurses were considering leaving their jobs because of the stress and emotional breakdown. This statistic is alarming because we need nurses by the patients' bedsides and throughout the treatment process. 

Nurses play several critical roles in the treatment process, but many also want to spend more time with family or have more work-life balance.  

Build Up Your Finances

Like me, you've probably seen many burnt-out nurses keep working because they cannot afford to quit. Financial decisions play a huge role in your decision to stay at a job that is no longer fulfilling. 

That's why I started this podcast to help nurses with their finances. 

Although we make good salaries as nurses, some of us still don't understand our economic power or know the path to financial freedom. Fixing your finances ensures that you don't have to work just for a paycheck. 

Having the freedom to go to work but not be dependent on the paycheck unlocks a level of emotional freedom. This sense of freedom can help you avoid work burnout. 

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Changing your mindset matters because it helps you know what's possible. If you believe what you want is possible, then you can manifest it for yourself. Before you transform your finances, you have to change your mindset first. 

In her interview, Kelly shares a story about a previous client who was a nurse specialist. The nurse specialist wanted more work-life balance and the ability to spend more time with her family. However, in her mind, she couldn't stop focusing on her role in the workplace and her salary. Her job and how much money she made was a critical part of her identity.

You know, sometimes we are so attached to a salary and what it says about you. This mindset doesn't allow us to make changes because you become so consumed about what your career or lifestyle pivot will tell others about you.

Let Go

According to Kelly, the solution is to reframe your mindset and let go of your former identity. Change your thought process and don't be so attached to your salary. Stop letting your job or money define you. 

When you do this, you can let that go and make the best decision for yourself. In the case of Kelly's client, the nurse specialist ended up quitting her job and taking on part-time employment. Today, she is much happier and has the work-life balance she wanted as a mom. 

Her client created a different story about her life, reframed her thinking, and let go of the mindset that was holding her back. She remembered she was still a leader, whether she was a nurse specialist or a mom in a different role. Now she's thriving. 

It's important to know life is not all about money. It's about living life in a way that makes you thrive, makes you happy. So, live the life you and your family deserve.  

I think a lot of times money gets in the way of us remembering our purpose is to be happy. For example, many of you share with me that you're not where you want to be financially. But I think it's all about the journey. The biggest lessons we learn are along the path to accomplishing our goals. 

Every time you hit a milestone, you hit another level of freedom. 

Get Started

If you want to work to become optional for you, start to do something you're passionate about and see where that leads you.
A lot of times, people ask me about starting a business. I always ask people a question back. What's something that you're doing right now or something that you see people need? Do that. 

As Kelly says in her interview, dream big. Envision yourself, making the income you want and set goals to help your family or whatever you want to do. 

Kelly aspires to be a philanthropist who gives back to children's hospitals and families. She also wants to contribute to cancer research. 

When you have resiliency and greater emotional awareness, then you can heal. Healthy and whole nurses allow you to be a better parent to your children and a better spouse to your partner. 

Boost Your Resiliency Live with Kelly

Kelly is hosting a live training, Raise Your Resiliency: The Six Steps to Bounce Back from Any Obstacle, Thursday, September 18, 4 pm PT/7 pm ET. In her training session, you'll discover how your brain creates your current state, and what you can do to change it. Tune in to learn how you can rewire your brain connections to make lasting changes and improve your life. Most importantly, participate in this live event to discover how to improve your emotional fitness so you can bounce back from any obstacle. 

The best part is you get freebies. Kelly will give you a free resiliency roadmap and workbook. You'll also get a chance to ask questions live during the question and answer session. You don't want to miss this training!

Want to learn more about Kelly? Check out her website or follow her on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest).  

What are some of your best ways to cope in stressful situations? Share your best tips by leaving a comment below. Sharing is caring, so tell all the nurses in your life to subscribe to the Nurses on FIRE podcast and mailing list.

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