A Letter of Gratitude to Myleik Teele and Five Things the Retreat Taught Me

A Letter of Gratitude to Myleik Teele and Five Things the Retreat Taught Me

We are well aware that we are the products of the people we surround ourselves with. We know that in order to level up in life, we have to seek opportunities to engage with those who have reached the level of success to which we aspire.

It’s also important that those people are relatable, i.e. share a similar background. The problem is, we don't often have the privilege to have many people in our lives that fit this criterion.

That’s why the experience I am about to share was unparalleled. I was surrounded by some of the most beautiful, inspirational and powerful black women on the planet. Everyone doing the damn thing in their own rights, all in one place learning, fellowshipping and turning the hell up.  

The MyTaughtYou Retreat 

The last weekend in January, I had the honor attend the epic MyTaughtYou retreat hosted by Myleik Teele, owner/creator of CurlBox. You may have seen the highlights that I've shared showcasing the stunning resort, the delectable food, and events flawlessly crafted to amaze us.

Myleik Teele, Creator and Owner of Curlbox

Myleik Teele, Creator and Owner of Curlbox

This event was hands down, one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve spent the last month coming down from awesomeness ensued. I would be remiss to let another moment go by without taking time to express my gratitude and share my lessons from the retreat.

Give it up for Myleik

Before my recap, I have to say a huuuuuggge thank you to Myleik for this phenomenal experience.

Myleik, I thank you for…

  • believing in me. Thank you for seeing me as someone who could add value and not just take from the experience. Out of over 1,500 applicants, I count myself super fortunate to be one of the less than a hundred selected.

  • your commitment to excellence and not pulling any stops. You could have gone with a less expensive venue but you spared no expense and the resort was EVVVVERRRYTHANG!!! I know you dipped deep into your savings to make the retreat as flawless and memorable as it was. I do not take this lightly.

  • giving so much of yourself. You are already doing hella much growing a human being. You extending yourself to us displays extremely selflessness.

  • sharing your inner circle. Behind every badass woman is her badass clique. We got so much game dropped on us by the speakers who are the some of the best to have done it.

  • being vulnerable. By sharing your limitations and how you overcame them, you empowered us to move out of our own way and get shit done.

  • allowing for me to not have to spend a dime during my stay. This freed up my travel funds for giving. The service was impeccable and I was able to show the staff how much I appreciated them.

Photo credit @ lipstickfashion.  The gift bags that awaited us upon our arrival.

Photo credit @lipstickfashion. The gift bags that awaited us upon our arrival.

Myleik, for all these things, I am eternally grateful. I hope to be a blessing in the lives of others as you have been to all the attendees and countless others.  

Day One Highlights:

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After a few IK Margaritas, but turning up is what I do best!

After a few IK Margaritas, but turning up is what I do best!

The Retreat Taught Me That Sometimes it’s Okay to Blend in

To say that I have been an outlier most of my life would be an understatement. Even in my predominantly black high school, I was one of three melanin enriched faces in my honors classes. This continued through college and all throughout my career. Even in pursuing my second masters, I was the only of eighty-two students in my cohort.

I was the only one of 82 in my nursing school program. Finding me is like tryna find Waldo

I was the only one of 82 in my nursing school program. Finding me is like tryna find Waldo

For the first time ever, I didn’t stick out like a sore thumb. This was the first time I could completely and unapologetically be my whole self and everyone got me. This was such a profoundly empowering feeling. A feeling I had no idea of how bad I needed. 

Myliek and her team went out of their way throughout the weekend to ensure this sense of belonging. One of the most touching things actually brought me to tears. Going on vacations as a child I used to get so excited in the souvenir shops. I would dig through the customized trinkets looking for something remotely similar to my name. I can't remember at what age I just stopped looking. I became bitter towards personalized souvenirs because they were never for me. 

When they finally have your name!!!

When they finally have your name!!!

Honey, when I tell you that when I walked into the pajama party and saw a friendship bracelet with my name on it, I mean all seven letters of NASEEMA, I shed a thug tear. The overwhelming majority of the attendees shared my exact sentiments. FINALLY, they have my name!!!


The Retreat Taught Me That We Can Do Anything

Daily I encounter people telling me why they can’t get their finances together. They tell me about a family history of living paycheck to paycheck. They share the struggle of not making enough, of not being able to live the way they want to live. They tell me it’s easy for me because of this and that, and that those things are outside of their reach.

In the power circle on day two. Answering "What's your claim to fame."

In the power circle on day two. Answering "What's your claim to fame."

If there is one thing I know that this retreat was living proof of, it was that WE CAN DO ANYTHING. Most of the women in attendance, including Myleik, have fought through adversity after adversity to get to where they are now. Rebuking limiting beliefs on a daily basis, these women have made tremendous strides to build successful businesses and have positively changed the trajectories of their lives.

Outside of myself, whose claim to fame is paying off a million dollars in debt in under three years, there were self-help gurus, doctors, lawyers, therapists, influencers, and entrepreneurs of all type. All of us able to share our excellence and pour into each other.  As Karleen Roy stated during her masterclass, “iron sharpens iron.”

Surrounded by so many phenomenal women

Surrounded by so many phenomenal women

Day Two Recap:

  • Amazing breakfast; the quesadilla bar, and soursop juice were my faves

  • Gaining so much insight and inspiration from the Masterclasses featuring Karleen Roy, Zim Ugochukwu and Kahlana Barfield-Brown

  • Myleik sharing her story of not feeling like she belonged and how she shattered that belief

  • Winning BEST DANCER at the Boudoir Bash, Slumber Party

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The Retreat Taught Me Not to Comprise What I Value

I’m a pretty basic girl, most days you can catch me in a t-shirt and leggings but I’m pretty picky about the car I drive, where I live and how I travel. I am also passionate about investing in myself. This is something I get a lot of pushback for because I teach about personal finance.

The host resort was so breathtakingly beautiful, pictures could never do it justice. Many of us have been trained that luxurious 5-star, 4-diamond resorts are out of our reach. The retreat theme was “limitless living,” encouraging us to shut down limiting beliefs and strive for excellence. During her keynote, Myleik talked about putting yourself in places that either you or society think you don’t belong. Break down those mental barriers.

Being responsible financially doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself. It’s all about focusing on those things that bring you value. We are reflections of what we spend our money on.  This trip was definitely an investment worth every penny. The fact was what I paid didn’t even touch the true cost of me being there. That’s the black girl magic that is Myleik, she knew the value of bringing this group together.

The Retreat Taught Me That if it Don’t Make Dollars it Don’t Make Sense

When I tell you that value bombs were dropped during the “Telling and Selling Your Story ” session, I mean they were pouring. Myleik and Jenn Ekeleme, Brand Strategist & Consultant at Wolf & Wilhelmine, did not hold back on advice around branding and growing businesses.

One thing I have been struggling with in my own personal business is monetizing. Myleik flat out said, “if it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense.” She went on to say how her personal website generates money every day. That was definitely the wake-up call I needed.  I know that in order to reach and serve the number of people I aspire to, I really have to step my game up

The Retreat Taught Me to Become My Own Best Friend

I know that I am not the only one that spent the majority of my adult life searching for validation from others. Heck, I have a failed marriage because I got into that relationship for the fear of being alone and not wanting to continue to be stigmatized as a single mother.

Myleik shared during her keynote, “when a woman becomes her own best friend, life is easier.” Learning to love me and being comfortable with being alone has been one of my biggest challenges. I walked away from the retreat with a renewed sense of self-worth and a commitment to spend more time alone. Solo world traveling sounds like an awesome place to start.

Day Three Recap:

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  • Learning all things Branding from Jenn Ekeleme

  • Myleik getting us all together in regards to how we run our businesses and brand ourselves

  • Cerviche making class with Myleik

  • Rum tasting with Karleen

  • Yes, that was me smoking the cigar

So What Does This Have to do With Personal Finance?

I know there are many of my followers who are reading this and wondering what this has to do with being Financially Intentional. The short answer is everything. Once you start becoming intentional with your finances, you’ll learn that intentionality flows over to other areas of your life.

You start to focus more on self-development. You put yourself in a position be surrounded with people, that will help you to learn and grow. You are financially able to give back in the way Myleik reached into our savings and poured into us.

Being Financially Intentional is about elevating every area of your life. It’s about attending inspiring events like these.  It’s about being in a position to add value to the lives of others. Most importantly it’s about continuing to learn and grow so that you can leave a proper family legacy.

Why You Should Apply for the 2019 MyTaughtYou Retreat

Applications for next year’s retreat will be accepted through to March 31, 2018. There are so many of you; my friends and followers that should definitely apply to join me there next year. Besides being a dope vacation, the experience is guaranteed to elevate your mind, body, and spirit.

I started this post discussing surrounding yourself with people who you aspire to or who could add value to your life. There was no shortage of people to draw inspiration from at the retreat.  Whether sitting by the pool or in a masterclass your spirit will be fed by the life experiences and lessons shared.

The total fulfillment I felt leaving the retreat, is one that I can’t keep to myself. All of us deserve to feel this total sense of belonging. The feeling that finally, people get us. A sense that we don’t have to front or check our true personalities at the door.

The MyTaughtYou Retreat was everything I needed plus everything I didn’t even know I needed. Thanks to Myleik and her impeccable staff for making this possible and thanks for giving us the opportunity to do it again.

A reminder to live your life with no limits.

A reminder to live your life with no limits.

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